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Works With All Types of Insulin Pumps & more...



How to Use Our Wrap

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EZ WRAP was designed for health-related, legal and functional purposes:


EZ WRAP is a patented thin, lightweight, very durable and nearly indestructible holder/carrier for multiple hand-held devices.  There is nothing on the current market that addresses multiple hand-held electronic devices.  We help you navigate your hectic life style!


Available in these Fashion Colors

We Donate A Portion Of All Our Blue Sales To Diabetes Research


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EZ WRAP is the solution for multiple-device users because it:

Safely, securely and discreetly holds/carries ANY Diabetic Insulin Pump on the market.

Safely & securely holds ANY standard, flip, slide, and hinged Cell Phone. 

Works great with Diabetic Meters/Monitors, Epi-Pens, TENS units, GPS, Cameras, MP3 Players and more.

Allows touch screen & keypad functions.

Practically invisible when in use.

Lets users drive hands free without Bluetooth, wires, earpieces or dashboard gadgets.

Life Time Warranty, no matter where you purchased your EZ WRAP, if this product should fail due to any reason simply return it with your name & address along with $8.25 for processing & handling to Ronaele, P.O. Box 111073, Tacoma WA 98411.  We will promptly ship you another EZ WRAP.




Colors: Black, Blue & Red


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For your comfort and discretion the EZ WRAP STRAP can be worn under any garment.  For your convenience, we can custom make the EZ WRAP STRAP in any size .  Just email us your size and choice of color(s).






Free Shipping on all Orders!


Visit our Store!


Ronaele Company

PO Box 111073, Tacoma, WA 98411

Phone: 253-223-0851  Fax: 253-238-1705

Email: insu pumpers@yahoo.com


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